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The Arts Society Fylde February Lecture
The Arts Society Fylde February Lecture
Why was the best paper made from the worn out clothes of peasants?

Why did leather have to be tanned outside the city walls?

Why do printers have to do everything upside down and backwards?

This lecture is a 'Through the Round Window' for grown-ups and tells the story of everything that makes a traditional hand bound book.

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We bring people together through a shared curiosity for the arts. The Arts Society Fylde has over 250 like minded members from across the Fylde and from all walks of life.

Through our regular lectures, classes, tours and exhibitions we explore and preserve the artistic heritage of Fylde, Lancashire & the United Kingdom.

As part of the National Arts Society with over 90,000 other members we seek to create a better, healthier and more connected society that is a positive force for the wider benefit of the arts.

At the heart of it all we believe that the arts have the potential to enrich peoples lives.

More Information - https://theartssociety.org/fylde

Age Guidance: All Ages

Date & Times
Wednesday 6 February 2019  @  2:00pm