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The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid
This is the story of a little mermaid named Ariel. She lives in an underwater kingdom with her widowed father (the sea King), her grandmother, and her older sisters. When a mermaid turns fifteen, she is permitted to swim to the surface for the first time to glimpse the world above, and when her sisters become old enough, each of them visits the upper world one at a time every year. As each returns, the Little Mermaid listens longingly to their descriptions of the world inhabited by human beings. When the Little Mermaid's turn comes, she rises up to the surface, watches a birthday celebration being held on a ship in honour of a handsome prince, and falls in love with him.

A violent storm hits, sinking the ship, and the Little Mermaid saves the prince from drowning. The prince who is unconscious never sees the Little Mermaid or even realizes that it was she who had originally saved his life. Find out if the Little mermaid wins her prince and if life is really better below the waves. This lovingly created musical will enchant and entertain as you follow Ariel’s journey to the world above the waves. Family of 3 £16 Family of 4 £22

Age Guidance: All Ages

Date & Times
Wed 7 Aug 2019  @  12:00pm  Buy Tickets
Wed 7 Aug 2019  @  2:30pm  Buy Tickets