Lowther Pavilion
09 Nov
Dr John Cooper Clarke

Production: Professional

Running Time: 2 hours 30 mins with 1 intervals

Show Times: 8:00 pm

About Dr John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke shot to prominence in the 1970s as the original ‘people’s poet’.

Since then his career has spanned cultures, audiences, art forms and continents.

Today, JCC is as relevant and vibrant as ever, and his influence just as visible on today’s pop culture. Aside from his trademark ‘look’ continuing to resonate with fashionistas young and old, and his poetry included on national curriculum syllabus, his effect on modern music is huge.

His influence can be heard within the keen social observations of the Arctic Monkeys and Plan B. These collaborations mean that John has been involved in 2 global number 1 albums in the last 2 years – with The Arctic Monkeys putting one of John’s best loved poems, I Wanna Be Yours, to music on their critically acclaimed A:M Album

His latest show, touring across the UK and Europe this year, is a mix of classic verse, extraordinary new material, hilarious ponderings on modern life, good honest gags, riffs and chat – a chance to witness a living legend at the top of this game.

Phil Jupitus

“In the summer of 1981 Siouxsie and the Banshees were playing at Chelmsford Odeon. Gigs in Essex were sparse, so this was a must see event. I didn’t even look at who the support was. When the angular, be-suited John Cooper Clarke wandered out into the spotlight I was elated. This was more than poems, it was comedy, new and arcane words, stories, street wisdom all spewing out of this man and his notebook. It was a direct challenge to the audience to pay attention to something, and bless them, they did. A little over thirty years later I got to support him. It was worth the wait.”

General Admission £20
Student Tickets are available at £16.50

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