Lowther Gardens covers an area of 5.65 hectares and were provided by Squire J Talbot Clifton in 1872 in honour of his wife, Eleanor Cecily Clifton (of the Lowther family in Cumbria) and in memory of her father, who died in 1868.

They were designed and laid out under the supervision of Mr Tomlinson who worked on the Clifton Estate, for the benefit of the inhabitants and visitors to Lytham, on what was previously poor grazing land known as Hungry Moor.

They were given to the authority in 1905 and shortly after in 1921 the Pavilion was built and named after Eleanor’s family name as a continuation of the gift of the gardens.

It is rumoured that the roof originally stood on stilts and was designed to be used as shelter against bad weather as stated in the 9th July 1920 Lytham Times.

The Lowther Pavilion has served the local community and surrounding areas for over 100 years. Help us prepare for the next 100 years and beyond, as we head into what will be Lowther’s biggest ever renovation.