One Hundred Thousand reasons to celebrate for Lowther Pavilion

Susie Dent facilitates the handing over of the cheque for huge £100k donation towards Lowther Pavilion’s Education Centre and Studio Theatre at sold out performance. 

The Education Centre and Studio Theatre has been in planning since before the Pandemic, with the foundations beginning last November when Michael Portillo put the spade in the soil.

Since then the foundations for the building have been completed and the Lowther Gardens (Lytham) Trust have embarked on bold fundraising appeal to complete the new building.

Following meetings with the Soroptimists the Trust were blown away when informed that a donation would be made to the tune of £100,000.  

Tim Lince, Lowther Pavilion’s CEO and Artistic Director, said: “It’s such a major contribution to the £1.7 million that is required to complete the iconic Education Centre and Studio Theatre” 

“Our hope is to have the building ready to open in late April next year, with a dynamic programme of creative workshops, schools support work, children’s holiday activities, apprenticeships and training in technical and Arts based skills, a home for the ever expanding Lowther Youth Theatre, afternoon cinema and evening use by local community and amateur theatre groups.  This new building will deliver a major contribution to the cultural life and wellbeing of residents from the Fylde region. We would all just to say a big thank you to the Soroptimists for sharing our vision in this way”.

When Susie Dent heard of the plans for the donation she was more than happy to lend her support and build the cheque donation into her performance. 450 people were able to witness this amazing act of generosity joining Trustees and Soroptimist representatives in the presentation. 

If you would like to know more about the building of this iconic Education Centre and Studio Theatre, it’s programme and how you may be able to support its work or the fundraising please contact Tim Lince CEO/ Artistic Director on  or telephone Lowther Pavilion theatre on 01253 794221.

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