Raise the roof on the future of our venue

Originally built in 1921, our building started out life as a simple space with a barrel-vaulted roof before being extended in scope and size. It was in the 1980s when the theatre and gardens where under management by the local authority, that the building received a redevelopment using left over money from a failed Ashton theatre development project. Unfortunately, the result of these changes are what we face today; original features where ripped out and windows that offered a source of natural light where filled in with brick.

Today, our venue is in dire need of refurbishment. Not only do we want to to fix some of the errors made in 1982, but we need to make the theatre a more efficient and welcoming home for top notch entertainment. Our work doesn’t stop there, the new plans will also create a more greener and environmentally-friendly space. 

A Re-development in three phases!

The first phase of our redevelopment is all about the construction of our 150-seat Education Centre & Studio Theatre. This space will not only increase our creative programme, but it will also boost the number of local employment opportunities.

Artist impression of what our future foyer may look like
Artist impression of our open plan foyer/cafe

Throughout the process we will remain open!

By splitting our ambitious redevelopment campaign into three phases, we’re able to ensure that our facilities remain open and we’re able to continue presenting the best of live entertainment on our historic stage.

After fundraising almost £1 million towards the construction of our new Education Centre & Studio Theatre, we still need your help to fundraise the remaining amount we need to complete this ambitious, three phase project. Find out below how you can help. 

Artist impression of our new 150-seat Education Centre & Studio Theatre (beach side).
Artist impression of what our future foyer may look like
Artist impression of our first floor restaurant overlooking the estuary.