Save A Seat Initiative

Save A Seat is an initiative we are working with the producers of Parallel Lives to ensure people in the community are able to engage with the show. This works by enabling people to purchase a ticket for the performance of Parallel Lives on behalf of somebody who may not have had a chance to experience live theatre.

At this moment in time particularly, we feel social conscious conversations are happening more than ever, and theatre is an incredible way to discuss those conversations.

The aim with this initiative is to make theatre more accessible. So the seats will be targeted at underrepresented and low income communities. We believe that the theatre can make a huge difference to people’s lives, and should be accessible.

We are very much hoping you can come to see the show, but also ask that, if you’re in a position to, you purchase a Save A Seat ticket for a community member.

Please note: you can only buy Save A Seat tickets by calling up our Box Office on 01253 794221 (10am – 4pm daily).


Parallel Lives is a two act, two hander comedy written by Mo Gaffney (Absolutely Fabulous, Friends) and Kathy Najimy (Sister Act, Hocus Pocus) performed by two Northern actresses Suzanne Fulton Cold Feet (ITV), Tonight Series (ITV), Oliver Twist (Pendle Productions) and Stacey Coleman Emmerdale (ITV), Shining Bright (BBC Uploads) Secret Garden (Pendle Productions) taking on multiple roles throughout the show.

Starting with the creation of earth, the audience are transported through the universe, visiting different times and space putting a magnifying glass on the struggles of the rituals of modern-day life, tackled with boundless humour, examining the ongoing quests of equity in every sense of the word.

For an evening packed full of hilarious characters, thought provoking stories AND with rave reviews! You would be hard-pressed to leave without feeling thoroughly entertained!

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